February 16, 2020

Why Does Kendra Horn Want Your Taxes To Go Up?

Kendra Horn ran as a so-called moderate, someone interested in helping the middle-class succeed.

Then why isn’t she supporting making President Trump’s middle-class tax-cuts permanent?

Because of Democrat obstructionism, the only way Congress could pass the tax cuts was to make them expire in ten years, but Democrats refuse to hold a vote to make them permanent.

It shows just how radical the Democratic Party is. They want to use regular folks’ tax dollars to fund their big government priorities, all while taking power away from communities and states. It’s shameful.

When elected to Congress I will support making every single tax cut permanent. We all know Washington has enough money, it just spends too much of it.

Will you join our campaign to make these middle-class tax cuts permanent and send a conservative to Washington? Donating just $5, $15, $25, $50, or even $100 makes a big difference and will be key to beating Kendra Horn’s leftist millions.

Remember, this is no ordinary house race. Oklahoma’s 5th district has been called the most competitive house race IN THE COUNTRY by National Journal and others.

We need to make sure we elect a strong conservative to run against Kendra Horn or we won’t stand a chance against the big money machine gearing up to keep her Pelosi rubber-stamps like her in office.

Please consider donating just $5, $15, $25, $50, or even $100 to help fight back against one of Pelosi’s top allies in Congress. Thank you.

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