June 10, 2020


Kendra Horn recently stated that we need to address our national debt while advocating for spending more money. Her response is unacceptable.

Career politicians have gotten us in such a financial hole that it seems almost insurmountable. Which brings me to my point: we have got to get our budget balanced.

The United States of America has a spending problem. It is equivalent to having a second mortgage on our house, a second loan on our car and we have maxed out our credit cards.

Right now, American taxpayers are on the hook for roughly $26 trillion of debt.

This is because establishment politicians like Kendra Horn go to Washington and join the D.C. club—the club that works to satisfy the donor class and the coastal elites while forgetting all about Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Taxpayer back home.

The answer to our national debt is not to make a minimum payment on our credit cards every month. Until we have a serious conversation about our behavior in the way we spend money and until we remove men and women from Congress who keep saying yes to spending taxpayers money our children and grandchildren face a dangerous and compromised future.

One of my very first priorities in Congress will be to fight for a balanced budget amendment.

$26 trillion is a number so high that sometimes it feels like it’s not even real. But this is a reality.

Someday this money has to be paid back. If it isn’t us, it’ll be our kids and grandkids who pay. While it’s not being paid back, while instead it is growing like a cancer, we live under the constant threat of crushing inflation and the need for good credit in a real crisis.

A real crisis like, say, a pandemic. One where we need to borrow a few trillion dollars to stave off a depression. One where we need to shore up our healthcare system while it shuts off all elective care to fight a deadly virus.

We need a fighter during times like this, not a liberal Pelosi rubber-stamp.

As long as Kendra Horn is in office, I can assure you—it will be business as usual.

– Janet Barresi

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