February 17, 2020

Only a dentist can fix this Congress–here’s how.

Congress needs a root canal.

As you know, I spent years as a dentist and saw first-hand some awful cases. Kids who never brushed their teeth, ate tons of candy, and drank more soda than water.

But even the worst cavities I saw pale in comparison to the rot that has taken root in Congress.

The partisan Democrats are do-nothing, impeachment-crazed socialists who have no productive solutions for our country. Radicals like Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Kendra Horn have turned the institution into a weapon against the President and his supporters.

Meanwhile the Republican establishment also blocks President Trump’s America-First agenda and prevents us from enacting the commonsense reforms that would improve our country and make use safer and freer.

That’s why we need to elect a bold conservative to beat Kendra Horn in November and give Congress the root canal it so rightly deserves.

Will you help us power our campaign by donating just $5, $15, $25, $50, or even $100 so that we can have all the tools we need to get the job done?

We have to band together and fight so that we can keep the American Dream alive for our kids and grandkids. Failure isn’t an option and neither is inaction which is why I’m putting my name on the line to fight for our shared conservative values.

Please consider donating just a few dollars to help us fight back against the radical left, fix the broken institution Congress has become, and give President Trump a true ally in Congress.

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