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February 21, 2020

Here’s Why The Swamp Is Afraid Of Our Campaign

The Swamp has taken hundreds of conservative reformers over the years and broken them down into members of the establishment. Here's why I don't think they could do that to me. When I was State Superintendent of Schools…
February 17, 2020

Only a dentist can fix this Congress–here’s how.

Congress needs a root canal. As you know, I spent years as a dentist and saw first-hand some awful cases. Kids who never brushed their teeth, ate tons of candy, and drank more soda than water. But even…
February 16, 2020

Why Does Kendra Horn Want Your Taxes To Go Up?

Kendra Horn ran as a so-called moderate, someone interested in helping the middle-class succeed. Then why isn't she supporting making President Trump's middle-class tax-cuts permanent? Because of Democrat obstructionism, the only way Congress could pass the tax cuts…

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