February 13, 2020

It’s Time To Fight Back–Here’s Why.

We have a very narrow window of time.

The Democrats are utterly collapsed right now. Their primaries are a mess, their impeachment failed, and America is stronger and safer than ever under President Trump’s leadership.

President Trump’s acquittal is an opportunity to send the radical Democrat controlled House packing and give President Trump the support he needs to continue to deliver for the American people.

The Democrats are going to pour MILLIONS into this district in order to protect their so-called “moderate” Kendra Horn. But the people of Oklahoma’s 5th district know now that she is no moderate, she’s just another Pelosi rubber-stamp and we will defeat her in November.

But we can’t underestimate how much of a fight it’s going to be. National Journal has called this the #1 battleground district in the country. That is no joke and it shows you the monumental task ahead of us to flip it.

We need a battle-tested conservative who will draw a stark contrast with Kendra Horn’s extremism. I’m ready to fight–like I always have–for everyday Oklahomans.

Will you join our fight to flip this district and give President Trump a House that supports his America-First agenda? Just $5, $10, $15, $25, or even $50 can make all the difference when it comes to powering our campaign.

If we don’t strike while the iron is hot and flip this district then President Trump will have to govern with a radical obstructionist House in 2020. We cannot let that happen, the American people deserve the commonsense solutions that he and I are advancing.

Please help us fight Kendra Horn’s liberal money machine by donating just a few dollars today. Thank you.

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