October 23, 2019

It Has To Be A Conservative

I’m running to give the grassroots conservatives of Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District a voice in Washington.

Too often Republicans go to Washington, D.C. with conservative support only to turn their back on the grassroots and become part of The Swamp. I am committed to bucking that trend and fighting for conservative values from the day I enter office to the day I leave.

We have to secure the border and end the unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

We have to cut spending and rein in the debt for our children and grandchildren.

We have to protect the rights of Sooners to pick the education that is best for them, not what the federal government says.

For these reasons, and so many more, it is critical that we send a conservative voice to Congress to take Oklahoma values to Washington.

It’s going to be a tough race, both in the primary and the general election. The only way we can make it across the finish line is if thousands of grassroots activists go the extra mile to help us get our message out: Less Washington—more Oklahoma.

Will you donate $25, $50, $100, $250, or even $500 to help us defeat Kendra Horn and flip OK-5 red again? It’s critically important, especially considering Horn’s vast resources.

Together we will win the primary, defeat liberal Democrat Kendra Horn, and bring conservative Oklahoma values to Washington.

Join Team Janet