In Congress Janet will fight to secure the border, cut spending, defend unborn life, promote market-driven health care reform, a strong military and defend the Second Amendment.

Border Security and Immigration

A country without strong borders and a lawful immigration system cannot thrive. We have all seen the tragic images of the dangerous crossings and the abandoned, abused and exploited children. We must end the scourge of illegal immigration. Janet’s position is clear: build the wall, give US Border Patrol and ICE the resources they need to do their jobs, ban Sanctuary Cities, and close loopholes in current law that incentivize the coyotes who traffic women and children across our southern border.

Spending, Debt and Deficit

Our national debt is 22 trillion dollars! This is immoral. If our generation fails to act, our children and grandchildren will not enjoy the freedoms and opportunities we inherited. Instead, they will face a life of suffocating taxes, more government control, and no economic growth all because we refused to live within our means. The days of out of control spending must end. We must adopt a balanced budget that not only negates a deficit each year but also pays down the national debt on an ongoing basis. Doing so will require political courage, vigilance, and a willingness to take on the entrenched powers in the DC Swamp.

Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by our constitution. Janet is a proud member of the NRA and will defend our Second Amendment rights from liberals who seek to take our guns and control our lives.

Right to Life

Janet believes that we must protect all innocent life, including unborn babies. She believes life begins at conception and understands that any country that permits late-term abortions and infanticide is not just. She will fight for every child’s right to reach their God-given potential.


As State Superintendent of Schools, Janet witnessed first-hand the negative effects of more federal government control in public education. Janet believes that the education of children should primarily be directed by parents at the local and state level. While in office, Janet defended parents’ right to homeschool their children against liberal Democrats’ attempts to limit their freedoms. Janet supports eliminating the United States Department of Education and will work to eliminate burdensome federal education regulations.


Janet supports the tax cuts passed by Republicans in Congress and signed into law by President Trump. She will vote to make the tax cuts permanent. Washington has enough money. They just spend too much.


As a dentist, understands the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. She will oppose the Democrats’ attempts to give the federal government even more control over patients’ medical decisions and fight to restore healthcare freedom.