November 20, 2019

Enough Of This Witch Hunt!

This impeachment witch hunt has gone on long enough.

The Democrats have no principled objection to the president. They have wanted him out of office since before he was sworn in.

This latest phase in their efforts to overturn the results of an election is no exception. The secretive and lawless inquiry Schiff and Pelosi are conducting makes a mockery of due process in our country.

Kendra Horn is a significant part of why this is happening to begin with. So-called “moderate” Democrats gave Nancy Pelosi the go-ahead to initiate this impeachment effort. In fact, it is the opposition to impeachment that is bipartisan, since a few Democrats joined the Republicans in voting to oppose this sham.

Oklahomans support our president, and Horn is trying to oust him from office. We have to win back this district in 2020 in order to put an end to the obstructionist Democrats’ rule over the House.

President Trump cannot deliver his agenda for the middle class without a conservative House. This district is key to taking back control of the House.

AP has called Oklahoma’s 5th district “a seat both parties expect to work fiercely to win in 2020” and the Washington Post has rated this the number two race in the country. National Journal has gone one step further and says this is the nation’s number one battleground district, and Decision Desk HQ has said “OK-5 is guaranteed to be one of 2020’s most bitterly fought House elections.”

Oklahoma’s 5th district is going to be ground zero for the fight to take back the House in 2020. That’s why we need your help.

Will you contribute to help us take back the House for conservatives and give the president the support he needs in Congress?

Simply put, this battle is about the swamp’s efforts to overturn the will of We The People. We can’t let that happen. Please join me in this battle

Please give $5, $15, $25, $50, $100, or anything you can to preserve your freedoms, your future and the future of your children. Any amount will make a big difference. Let’s stand up and fight!

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